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Before and After Gallery at MKhan Dermatology

Before & After Images Gallery

Scars and Laser Resurfacing

Acne scars: Laser resurfacing in an African-American patient

M Khan: Acne scars: before M Khan: Acne scars: after


Lupus Scarring: Laser resurfacing for dark spots and pitted scars in Asian patient with Lupus

M Khan: Lupus Scarring before M Khan: Lupus Scarring after

Dark Circles under the eyes: Filler & Laser Resurfacing for dark circles under the eyes

M Khan: Dark Circles under the eyes: before M Khan: Dark Circles under the eyes: before

Surgical Scar: Laser resurfacing for Surgical Scars

M Khan: Surgical Scar: before M Khan: Surgical Scar: after


The results of all procedures are patient specific and will vary depending upon patient's specific situation.